Evaluation and Implementation of Chainsaw Operators Certification (EAIOCOC)



The rationale behind this project, which was developed & managed by key ABA partner and project beneficiary-A1 Arborists, was the development of a common set of training and assessment standards for chainsaw operators which has been successfully achieved in the form of a European Chainsaw Certificate (ECC). Accidents, fatalities and associated economic & personal costs related to chainsaw use are too high and will be significantly reduced via the implementation of these new standards which will be, monitored & updated on a regular basis by ABA International. Following initial analysis and comparison of training programmes in a number of partner countries where national training standards did not exist (e.g. Italy, Denmark etc). High quality European training standards and an associated competence assessment should lead to an incremental reduction in accidents and fatalities of chainsaw operators throughout Europe and beyond as the ECC Chainsaw Standards are implemented between countries.

Skills & competencies have been transferred between participating countries (not only the project partners) both during and after the project. By the completion of the project 18 different countries had registered and/or participated in the development of the European Chainsaw Certificate (ECC).


A pioneering European Chainsaw Certificate (ECC) & associated products have been established. Raising of International chainsaw operators skills and safety standards is now a reality via the development of the new international association (ABA International). The primary role of this association is to ensure that high quality ECC chainsaw operation safety standards are maintained, accredited and promoted throughout Europe and internationally. The European Chainsaw Certificate (ECC) has been successfully adopted in many countries and has become a benchmark for the development of similar qualifications. This has since been superseded by enhanced ABA-ECC and other qualifications. More information can be found here

ECC Chainsaw Standards can be found here

ECC Assessor Score Sheets can be found here

Background to the ECC can be found here