ABA Projects

ABA International endeavours to fulfil its mission "To facilitate, accredit, develop, support and promote the recognition of individuals national skills qualifications and certifications between partner countries worldwide." by supporting its network of partners in vocational education & training (VET) skills delivery. ABA International provides a platform to support the successful development of European & international VET skills projects in a number of ways which includes the following key areas:

  • LOLER Project
  • EAIOCOC Project
  • Vet Safety Project
  • Provision of free expert advice relating to complex & challenging project tasks
  • Access to a competent & experienced support team over the entire project life-cycle
  • Provision of a range of technical resources from project design through to implementation
  • Access to a European & international vocational skills register database
  • Access to European & international training & assessment qualification resources
  • Provision of a European & international dissemination platform
  • Development support for VET skills research innovations & collaboration

ABA International supports project innovations in the VET skills sectors primarily to meet the following objectives:

  • To enhance mobility of skilled people
  • To enhance employability of skilled people
  • To enhance credibility of skilled people's qualifications
  • To prevent & reduce accidents and fatalities to skilled people