Vocational Education & Training Standards in Agriculture, Forestry & Environmental Safety at Heights (Vet-Safety)

Brief outline:


  • Erasmus Plus
  • A1 Arborists
  • Best
  • Blake Training
  • Brasov Uni
  • Skovskolen
  • Fito Consult
  • UMA
  • Mendelova
  • Pandokator
  • Treecare Ireland
  • NLC

A new European project was launched in September 2014 at the National Forestry School-Skovskolen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The project is supported by the EU Erasmus + programme & ABA International. Partners include universities, vocational education centres, training organisations, schools and colleges etc from various regions throughout Europe. It aims to build upon the success of previous project work that led to the development of recognised European/International chainsaw standards in 2011 and European/International LOLER standards in 2013 including the development of the 'certification accreditation umbrella body' ABA International during 2012.

Vet safety Project Page
Vet safety

This project aims to evolve previous work further by developing new common standards such as the use of chainsaws & working at heights within the broader skills sectors of agriculture & the environment. Major accidents related to working at heights are a prime concern both on a European and international level. Previous activities have primarily focused on improving VET standards for trainees but not for instructors. Following discussions with various skills institutions and previous partners it was acknowledged that opportunities should be sought to enhance the capability and Vet safety compatibility of VET instructors and teaching methods at both the European and international levels. The results are likely to not only benefit the individual instructors but the organisations and trainee's they represent. For example, a study reported in the EAIOCOC project identified an estimated 50% fatality rate in chainsaw operators due to aerial use of a chainsaw (previously unknown) based on an analysis of UK health & safety statistics Another aim is to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and expertise between instructors involved in delivery of skills training using machinery at heights. Ultimately in conjunction with the ABA mission statement the project goal is to raise standards, prevent accidents and save lives.

Key Project Outcomes:

  1. Development of International occupational assessment standards & certification related to work at height activities within agriculture which includes forestry & related environmental sectors (Skills instructors can contact the ABA Secretariat for information relating to the training events)
  2. Development of an International data warehouse for evaluation & research(including statistical analysis) of fatalities & accidents within agriculture which includes forestry & related environmental sectors
  3. Development of International skills training & assessment resources (including e-tools, media resources etc) for use within agriculture which includes forestry & related environmental sectors