Ester Project Meeting


Erasmus + ESTER project members met recently and discussed the next steps and events planned during the coming year for Training of the Trainers. Exciting new activities soon to be pilot tested with European trainers and of course with the support of ABA.

aba centre upgrade-Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Metropolitan University-Lipace continues to develop resources in the specialism of arboriculture. The ABA Authorised Qualification Centre with support from Milwaukee have recently upgraded and enhanced their arborist training facilities. This will support high quality training and assessment to the accredited HK SAR-ABA standards going forward.

certified scaffolding Inspectors-Iraq


During August, ABA's Middle East centre successfully delivered Certified Scaffolding Inspector training and assessment for participants working within international companies In Iraq. The successful newly qualified inspectors are now implementing their theoretical and practical knowledge gained to ensure a safer work environment.

chainsaw level 4 examinations


At the end of July assessors from Slovakia and Czech Republic completed consolidation training in techniques dealing with potentially dangerous storm damaged trees on steep slopes (ICC/ECC4). Successful assessors passed the assessment and are now able to examine this qualification.

aba certification event-poland


A new ABA Centre delivered a tree felling course in the mountains of southern Poland during July. The centre successfully passed an independent audit and was approved by ABA.

female arborist study


During the cold winter months ABA & SZKT (Czech Arborist Association) have been supporting another research activity led by the University of Mendel in Brno-Czech Republic. Female arborists bravely participated in the first stage of an investigation into the suitability of climbing harnesses.