international meeting-thailand


During February ABA instructors & assessors were busy delivering international workshops for chainsaw operators and arborists in Thailand. The workshops received positive feedback and many of the candidates obtained their ABA International qualifications following training and successful assessment.

arborist ergonomic research


ABA actively supports and participates in work safety research. Recent activity includes supporting a study at the University of Mendel in Brno investigating arborist ergonomics.

assessor training event


A group of new forestry & arboriculture assessors recently completed their training and evaluations in Czech Republic. Participants attended from Slovenia, Latvia, UK, Czech Republic and Poland.

utility conference-spain


In continuing support of the EU-ARB project ABA participated in a 3 day meeting with partners in Spain. Meetings were hosted at the University of Barcelona and national energy supplier Endessa adding value to the ongoing development of international standards of safety in the utility sector.

conference-hong kong


Early September ABA President-William Robb was invited to the signing ceremony of the new ABA Centre at the Open University of Hong Kong. Here he met with colleagues and provided presentations related on ABA's mission to reduce accidents and fatalities worldwide at an international conference.

eu-arb meeting-uk


ABA's involvement in the European Utility Arborist (EU-ARB) continued with the second technical and training event in Crawley-UK. Indoor meetings focused on standards development whilst outdoors assessors underwent technical training and upskilling in the use of pole pruners, chainsaws etc related to ground-based operations.