ECC European Chainsaw Project


Evaluation and Implementation of Chainsaw Operators Certification (EAIOCOC)

The need for a recognised INTERNATIONAL/EUROPEAN CHAINSAW CERTIFICATE (ICC/ECC) or 'licence' has been proposed and discussed by various organisations and individuals at meetings over a number of years which ultimately led to the successful development of the international Awarding Body Association (ABA). ABA International is a 'not for profit' organisation primarily tasked with the management and quality assurance of education and provision of skills certification and recognition throughout Europe and Worldwide. By February 2014 over 300 successful International/European Chainsaw Certificates have been issued and recorded in the innovative electronic skills register of chainsaw operators.

The idea and starting point for an International/European chainsaw certification can actually be traced back to an international UK supported Forestry Training (Chainsaw Standards) project in Canada undertaken by William Robb during 1995 - and further meetings held between Instructors/Assessors & Advisors from the UK National School of Forestry - Newton Rigg, Danish School of Forestry - Skovskolen & the Scottish School of Forestry, in the UK during 1997 as part of an EU funded project led by Ib Christensen (Skovskolen National Forestry Centre - University of Copenhagen). Follow up European chainsaw workshops and meetings took place involving Ib Christensen and William Robb (Lecturer in UK National School of Forestry - Newton Rigg) and their training colleagues since 2000 including participation in various other European discussions. During this period William Robb was already developing and field testing the first draft versions of European chainsaw standards (ECS) in the UK. 

Following the recommendation of the UK Leonardo National Agency, William Robb developed and submitted a European chainsaw project proposal, which was successfully approved in 2009. He subsequently managed the 'Evaluation and Implementation of Chainsaw Operators Certification' project through to completion in 2011. He is the technical author and owner of the pioneering European (ECS/ECC) and International chainsaw certification standards (ICS/ICC). 



ICC/ECC training event in Italy!       And in Romania!       And in CZ!      And Baltic states!